Turkish Football Federation Super Cup

Turkish Football Federation Super Cup

The Turkish Football Federation approached ZEO to create the brand identity for the re-launch of the President’s Cup, where the winners of the League Championship and the Federation Cup would play against each other.

After an 8 year hiatus, the re-launched President’s Cup would be played during the same year as the World Cup in Germany in 2006, which had captured a lot of attention with its young, fun identity. The client asked ZEO to design an identity that wasn’t staid like the old President’s Cup but instead requested something fun that could capture the attention of football audiences, who were attracted to the World Cup.

ZEO helped the client change the name of the cup from the President’s Cup to Super Kupa (Super Cup). The visual identity was inspired by the two paths (League Championship and the Federation Cup) leading to the match and fans cheering for their teams.

ZEO designed all brand applications including the trophy, medals and the environmental branding of the stadium.

Zeo also designed the identity for Turkish Football Federation Grassroots project.