Right before the November elections, the Democrats unveiled their ‘new’ logo. Actually, there is nothing new about it. It is very ‘me too’ with a striking resemblance to the Obama campaign logo, very reminiscent of kids alphabet games, and certainly very familiar with its simplicity of just a plain circle and letter d forms. Directness is usually a good trait for a logo, but when it has a message. Not to simply circle the initial especially when the circled letter reminds one of a poor school grade. I am glad ‘that’ particular donkey is out of the logo but it may be a good idea to bring another donkey back as a mascot to spice things up a bit. There are few good things about it, too. The colors are slightly tweaked and thus look more fresh. The new typography compliments the overall modern look although the serifs look uneasy.


The decorated bandages are not only for the kids anymore. Yeay! BAND-AID partnered with Cynthia Rowley to bring in lace, sequins and gold chain to heel the minor psychological effects of little cuts on the adults. The bandages in 14 fashionable designs come in a collector’s tin.

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Talk about a company converging its branding with its operation so gracefully. For its 15 year anniversary eBay is piloting a green packaging program in October. Read More »

WHAT IS IN A NAME? -from the Wall Street Journal

Yes almost anything can be a brand’s name… A word, a phrase, a sentence, a sound… Some are an instant hit, some need some pr and financial help. But there are other dimensions to be considered also in the naming process… This is one of the few areas we brand designers work with lawyers to make things right from the start. A great article from the Wall Street Journal.

What’s in a Business’ Name? Potential Pitfalls. – WSJ.com


As a mother and a designer I appreciate well designed baby food packaging, baby clothes, baby decor, baby anything… I want my kid to grow up surrounded by good design. So I am always on the hunt for all of the above.

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I love coffee. My daily skim, no foam latte from Starbucks. I am an exclusive and devoted Starbucks fan. Yes, it is my daily dose of caffeine, but also a daily injection of inspiration. It is just a flawless example of what a brand can do and can become. I love their play on design, how personal it feels and how special it all makes me feel. Starbucks is far beyond coffee for me.

But by beloved Starbucks recently committed a crime, and out of my respect for coffee alone, I had to write about it.

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I had seen the Brand Hong Kong logo around in various publications, but it wasn’t until 2005 that we officially met. He was handsome, charming and attractive. He was the perfect gatekeeper of the city. A fitting representative, a resourceful tour guide. We had lost touch since but I occasionally caught a glimpse. Till recently.

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Tonight show is apparently the longest running entertainment show still running in the US. I can’t say I am an avid follower but I occasionally enjoy it. the latest drama with Conan O’Brien certainly put it in my radar again and led me to expect a significant redesign in this day and age.


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Everybody is familiar with Chiquita bananas, and banana lovers are familiar with the iconic Chiquita sticker. Now there is a second sticker embellishing them. A more fun and interactive one. DJ Neff designed 25 character stickers inspired by cartoons, toys, things he likes, people he knows (from his interview).


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Not being much of a sports person, what gets me most excited about the Olympic season is the design. Especially lately, the glamorous yet problematic inaugurations and public controversies surrounding the Olympic emblems make up for some of the adrenalin.


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